Making sales easy for solopreneurs

Build a proven sales process. Successfully raise your price by 50% (minimum) in 90 days.

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What makes sales convert?

Product Fit

Your offer feels like a no-brainer to your dream client (how you position and price)

Marketing Hit

You're attracting opportunities on a regular basis from your ideal client

Sales Flows

Your dream clients say "yes" because they trust you to create change

You have a gift to share.

It’s your responsibility to help the people who can benefit most.

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The challenge with sales: Self Doubt

  • 82% of solopreneurs I work with are intimidated by selling and sales calls
  • 74% of sales calls I review do not convert objections into sales
  • 100% of solopreneurs have intense doubts about selling their services
If you do not have a clear and confident process to convert your dream customers, someone else will work with them.

Here’s how I help solopreneurs get there

My methodology is 3 simple steps:

  1. Dive: We start by analyzing your key sales elements (positioning, pricing, web presence, marketing, and current metrics) to find the gaps
  2. Discover: Then we identify your unique brand and product voice and adapt it to connect with your ideal prospects
  3. Develop: Finally, we build your custom sales process and flow that drives consistent revenue

You could spend years figuring out how to refine this process.

Or, we can do it together in the next 90 days.

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Hi, I'm Mike

I've run an agency for the past decade with a process that allows me to

  • Earn $500,000+ per year with a small team
  • Work less than 20 hours per week 

I have also built sales teams of 25+ 

I have coached solopreneurs in marketing, bookkeeping, copywriting, wellness, and other industries.

 I know firsthand how important a strong and comfortable sales process is for success. Let me be your guide. 

What other Solopreneurs are saying

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How to Get Started

I’ll guide you through my proven process to create a sales process that will future-proof your ability to make money and impact


We’ll start with a 30 minute strategy session to give you some direction and decide if I can help


We kick off our journey with a deep diagnosis of the sales process and lay out the action plan


We meet weekly for 90 days with touchpoints in between to develop your perfect sales process

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Not ready to go all in? We can help in other ways. 

What challenges will we tackle?


Upgrade your positioning and be more attractive to your ideal customer


Develop the correct copy triggers to raise your prices confidently and spike your profits


Align your online presence and marketing materials to increase your conversion


Get clear on the end goal, the steps to get there, and what needs to be delegated


Direct feedback on your sales calls and all brand material with steps to improve


Create an easy to manage reporting structure so you can keep yourself on track

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5 Habits Killing Your Sales

A 20-minute training video that covers the 5 most common bad habits that I have observed on sales calls (from 500+ hours of sales calls reviewed)